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What lies beyond the magic mirror...

...is more than most men can fathom.

16 February 1987
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I'm making this journal to write about things that I cant write about where people know who I really am. Its a bit of a double life. No one knows that I practice magick, except for 3 of my friends, who also practice. Also, I'm a plural. Which is to say that there are other people sharing my headspace. Its not MPD or DID or any other disorder you may want to tag me with because its not a problem. I function perfectly normaly in everyday life, so I dont have a disorder. But here, let me introduce you.

I just found this on someone elses profile and really liked it! So, here is a visual aid.

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

Vincent: 1,734 year old black dragon. He keeps in his human form most of the time to save energy. He loves to prank people, even if they dont think its funny. Hes arrogant, and has a big mouth, but knows how to choose a fight carefully. "Quite the ladys' man." In his own words, and for once hes not just blowing smoke. He can manipulate or seduce nearly anyone he chooses. And he hates being called "Vinny". Hes generaly an ass, but has his moments.

Archemedes: Ark for short. Exceptionaly talented performer from the middleages. He was in a traveling trope of gypsys aroung the time that the Catholic church was labling dancing and non-sacred music as witchcraft. His trope was split up and he never knew what became of them, but that didnt quiet his wanderlust. He ran from europe and across the contenents, performing for money, food, and shelter along the way, and taking advantage of any kind hearted stranger to pass his way. He traveled all the way to the china sea and was traveling back toward europe before he 'died'. He was such a talented bard because he fed off of the energy of his audience. Even alone he could draw a massive crowd and have all of them cheering for more! This was not his only reason for performing, though. He honestly enjoyed it more than anything. He is still a master story teller, and can fill even the most closed minds with awe and wonder.

Shadus Nocturnes: Elder of the Shadows. Youngest of the four elders. A generaly good natured fellow. Reserved and observing, Kind and gentle. However, he can be very intimidating when he finds reason to be. Also a bit of an objective experimenter with life. Very much a "What if..." thinker.

Orin: Spirit of Heros. He is the astral manifestation of the ideals of a hero. Courageous with an unyeilding resolve. He is the embodiment of chivalry. Hes not a permanent 'resident' but comes and goes as he wants. (Not shown above because he is a visitor)

Dark: Son of Shadus. A mischevious young boy full of spirit and curiousity. He once lived in the depths of a strange castle. He doesnt know how or why he was there, but he was happy there. He would play pranks on guards, but they would never see him. When one of them was had by his traps, they would say 'The Dark' got them, and he took his name from that. He is good natured, but has trouble with restraint. The only person that can controle him is his father, scoulding from anyone else is pretty much ignored.

Braith ( The Mother) Zarina ( Little White One) Ciara ( Little Dark One):

These three are the same entity, yet seperate. They came to be with me from a spirit that had followed me around for some time. It hadnt bothered me, and I was getting used to the idea of it following me and even started to enjoy its company. Then, due to a missunderstanding, I chose to attack it. In the fight, I absorbed the spirit into me, and it split into the three girls, Braith, Zarina, and Ciara. Their nature allows them to appear at any age they wish at any time.

Braith is a loving, comforting being. She is usualy a beautiful young woman. What every you imagin beauty is in a woman, she can become it.

Zarina is happiness and innocence. She is the most child like of the three and is always ready to play. As one might expect, she is usualy a cute little girl, plus all the pink and ribbons and flowers and giggles that come with it.

Ciara is the calm, calculated, brooding young woman. She has a darker personality, but is not mean spirited. She has knowledge of many different things, and when her assistance is asked, or she feels that it is neccesary, she is willing to give it.

Tiny has joined me since I made this journal, so I'm going to update on who he is. Tiny is a giant Mongul warrior. A berzerker, really. When his clan conquered a more civilized kingdom in southasia (looooooong time ago) the two people became integrated. Buddhism had a large influence in that kingdom, and Tiny learned as much as he could of it once peace returned. He cannot read or wright himself, but was taught buddhism by the people of his new home.

Charlie is also new, though I dont know much about him. Hes pretty much an unpleasant guy and seems to only be interested in destruction, disruption and chaos. Hes a bit of a cross between Freddy Cruger and the Joker.

Victor is another 'son' of Shadus'. Hes pretty quiet and very shy. I dont know much about his personality. I know he is kind and gentle, despite his 'life'. Hes been with me less than a year, and I nearly forgot that he was there.

Probably much more than you really cared to read, but thats what this place is for.